Thematic Thursdays: Don’t Put Bottles Inside of Your Myshell Tabu!

The UK has this slogan generator online, and I thought it was cool. You just put in your name and it generates a random slogan. Then it started to get weird. Take a look:

That was cool, so I tired it again.

You’re darn tootin’!

Everybody should have one!

That’s probably not a compliment.

False advertising. Ain’t no softer side. This is it. Take it or leave it.

I’m a little light, but okay. I’ll take it.

I’ll allow it.

That’s some pimp sh@t. I’ll allow it.

Dear Slogan Generator, your cannibalism creeps me out.

Business all in the streets!!!

But I’m a vegan … sometimes.

That’s mean!

Okay that’s just creepy. *shudder*

Dude, WTH?

Who are you calling a hoe?


Stop it!


*Myshell bursts into tears*

P.S. This one was my favorite one:

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