Fuss is moving into a student inspired theme on the Animal Kingdom. She’s obsessed with horses and Adamu is obsessed with birds and dogs. The shelves and sensory tub will reflect that. Here is a pic of the sensory tub so far. I’m working on a doll for Kwanzaa for [...]

My energy is wearing thin. I have several projects and I think the fact that I have a new baby is finally hitting me. I’m pretty sure that there are bags under my eyes to match the diaper bag, dance bag and grocery bags I carry. Fuss is advancing rapidly. [...]

Mooch Home School

Mooch starts the cooking portion of her rites of passage this week. She’s going to the Farmer’s Market with my friend to learn about food groups, spices, and seasonal fruits and veggies. I’m really excited about the curriculum that my friend planned out. Rehearsals for the recital has stalled capoeira [...]


Mooch has grown up and gone off to college since I last wrote. Just kidding. She has, however, gotten accepted into three top private schools. Finally! If you follow me online, you know how difficult that has been. We selected one for this fall. We’re ecstatic about it. I can’t [...]

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