I drove Hannibal to work this morning. It was fun having extra time to chat and be silly. There may be more carpooling in our future. We have to squeeze the quality into the time we have.

This daily blog hangs over my head like an antique chandelier — pretty, but heavy enough to fall and knock the words right out of me. I was sick as hell last week, so I rested for two days like a normal person and didn’t write at all. I actually [...]


Shopping doesn’t equal quality time for him anymore than sports equals quality time for you.

I was browsing the internet searching for blog inspiration when I stumbled upon The Better Husband Blog. It’s a blog full of tips on how to be a better husband. I read a few of them and realized that Hannibal already does most of them. That made me happy. Then [...]

Finally! Hannibal is always saying that I need a staff. Well this week I found a humanoid robot whose resume tops the currently employed … sort of. It’s looks like it’d be a little stiff in the bedroom and not in the good way. Instead of asking Mooch to bring [...]

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