Tuesdays With Mooch & Fuss: Organized Tantrums

So … yeah. Apparently, video takes up a lot of space on a hard drive. A lot! I’ll have to purchase another external hard drive, in addition to the two I’ve got, in order to save and edit anymore “Tuesdays With Mooch” episodes. Don’t frown. I’ll still write updates about her and show lots of pics. I should be getting a third hard drive by the end of the year, and she’ll be back up in January or February.


The Moochster is getting happier by the minute, and much more organized. I was really worried for a moment. You know, when your kid gets past age five, you become less interested in the parenting magazines, because you kinda feel like you’ve got it. The problem with that is that you DON’T have it. They are still changing developmentally — just not as rapidly. She was just going through a phase, which may actually return at eight-and-a-half. Joy.

Anyway, her latest interests include building things with screws, nuts, and bolts. I found a cheap set at Tuesday Morning, where you can build a motorcycle, go-cart, and airplane. We built the go-cart together last night. She liked sorting all of the parts to make sure she had everything, using the codes to figure out which pieces went where, and screwing on the “nutmegs” (as she jokingly called them).

I’m pretty certain that she hates ballet. She told me she almost fell asleep at the barre last week. Since SHE’S the one who asked for another year of it, I’m making her stick with it until Ballet 3. Then we can reevaluate. She’s actually very good at it, because of her attention to detail. My hope is that she’ll get over this tedious part and want to continue. Otherwise, it’s two years of tuition down the drain. Speaking of tuition, I found out that her art school offers scholarships, so that helps.

My favorite remnant of Rites of Passage is that Mooch cooks several nights per week. That is such a big help. We’re going to have to revisit hair washing, though. :-/


Fuss is learning the sounds for “r, c and b.” Her focus lately has been on the globe, the sensory items — like shakers, bells, and rattles, and the locks and latches activity. She seems to enjoy figuring out how to open things, which is evidenced in her picking the locks and cracking the codes around the house (i.e. someone’s pad got hacked into). For more about homeschooling, click here.

The antibiotics have worked well on her tooth in my opinion. There is no more puss and she seems to be in way less pain. She still does weird stuff with her top lip (it’s also dry, though), and she still very cautious. Hopefully when she goes back in December, they won’t need to pull it. Although, I’ve researched some options in case they do.

She is much better about letting me do her hair now — depending on the style and the length of time it takes. I’m considering more oil, because she seems to be dry all over — hair, lips, face. She has a LOT of hair. A lot! We’re working on it.

Her interest in music is growing by the minute. She is able to name the artists of many songs just by listening to them. It’s kinda creepy. She also copies what Mooch does in ballet, makes up her own songs, and seems to have a non-stop soundtrack going in her head. The soundtrack is, of course, interlaced with her frequent chanting of “99%,” which she picked up listening to KPFK (Pacifica Radio) during our morning drive to drop Mooch off.

I’m mildly concerned with her tantrums. While they are brief, they are definitely frequent. The whining and tantrums are much more pronounced when Hannibal is around. Can you say, “Wrapped around her finger?” I’m happy that they have bonded well. He is definitely a baby wearer (like, with no carrier, though). She’s always in his arms.

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