Workin’ Wednesdays: Bag Lady

My energy is wearing thin. I have several projects and I think the fact that I have a new baby is finally hitting me. I’m pretty sure that there are bags under my eyes to match the diaper bag, dance bag and grocery bags I carry.

Fuss is advancing rapidly. Much of my daytime energy lately has been devoted to keeping her from electrocuting us both. She closes my laptop while I’m typing my blog, pulls out the plug on my last 30 seconds of charge and bangs a one consonant paragraph into the middle of my designs. I took about a week of this before I realized she’s trying to tell me to get off the computer.

I’ve decided that I won’t work during the daytime anymore. It’s simply not possible. I have to reschedule my time so that I work for the two hours after the kids go to bed plus six hours on the weekends. This way I don’t miss the precious first years of her life.

A laptop bag is one bag I will no longer be carrying during the week.

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